The Cafe We All Loved, Reincarnated.

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It is with joy of heart, that we have finally managed to get up to speed on things. As the Cafe that was home to so many young talented artists, we have to admit that things haven’t been easy for us. We have had our share of downtime, of nasty business and of enlightening experiences. That’s when the moment arrived, just the same as when a barista starts pouring the foamy milk into the mug – It is on, and we are here to revive what E Street Cafe was, for you, and for us.


Just in reading the nostalgia in our self-evolving Facebook page, we get stomach butterflies. We reminisce on the Open Mic Tuesday Nights, or the Jazz Thursdays. We remember our terrific and fine grained coffee beans, sold by the pound. A single bean can make you smile for a day, a pack of beans from the best baristas in a 1,000 feet radius from the San Diego Freeway can make you feel a utopia-like feeling.


As I am writing this, I shed a tear. I still remember the unforgettable note that said “Thanks for the memories”. There is nothing worse than a triple-blow right to your stomach, and this was exactly what happened. The reason that E Street Cafe closed its doors will never be exposed to the public. But the positive things about the letter E, is that it signifies electronics, internet, where no one has to close his gates. And we are back, on the virtual cafe market share at least. There are no online coffee machines, but we can totally hook everyone up with live performances. Just without the coffee.


Our values were always oriented towards being different. Not just another cafe near the Encinitas Boulevard on the shores of California. We must all suffer one of two pains, the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. As the great late JR said, what about society, what about destiny, what about opportunity, what about possibility? We have set sail, did our best. All of you fans out there made our place as great as it was. We owe it all to you. The thousands of young artists who each went up with shuddering shoulders, afraid of your reactions – They all owe their self confidence and current state of performance to you. The customers, our fans.


Our All-Time Favorite Testimonials:

“Just wanted to study for my exam, ended up being much more…”

I was looking for a place to study for my exam, and to drink some good coffee if possible at the same time. A friend told me about this place a few weeks ago and I thought to myself “what the heck, why not?”, so I grabbed my laptop and notes and went to E Street Cafe right off the San Diego Freeway. The service was  great, nice waitress and pretty good coffee. I ended up sitting there for 6 long but sweet hours. The coffee was better with each and every cappuccino I ordered. Not to mention I passed my exam with flying colors.

Thank you E Street Cafe!

Jack Chandler, CA

“Traveled all the way from the holy city for a business meeting, bought 10 pounds of coffee…”

As We were hitting the highway, being late for a meeting in Encinitas, CA regarding a business venture. My partner asked me if I ever heard of E Street Cafe. Why should I? We live in the middle east and this is just a regular cafe among tens of thousands in CA. Well, apparently this is one of the best, so authentic! And the prices were just right. The quality of the place, the manpower, the beverages, food and coffee above all else. Magnificent. The owners were so kind to take a picture for us as a souvenir. The business meeting went perfect, all thanks to E Street. We are now getting leads to our company from every Encinitas resident who comes to the holy city to travel.

Management staff over at www.xn--9dbaaobbujbv5gnj.co.il.


A big thank you is sent out with a big kiss to all of you out there. Closed, thanks for the memories. But still inside your heart, and still online.

Until we meet again.